Design Process

Katie, The Jewelry Engineer, uses an engineering design process to create the jewelry you desire.


SRR, the Sparkle Requirements Review, is the initial meeting to get the ball rolling.  This is an informal discussion between Katie and the client(s).
PDR, the Preliminary Design Review, allows the client to see various design ideas and offer comments and changes to converge on a single design.
CDR, the Critical Design Review, allows the client to see a 3D print of the jewelry design and offer any additional comments or changes.
Once all final comments are incorporated, the client will sign off on the design before manufacturing begins!
Computer rendered images will be available at every step of the way!  Additional 3D prints and prototypes are available for an additional fee.

About The Jewelry Engineer

Katie, The Jewelry Engineer, is an engineer in the Huntsville, AL area by day, and a wife, mom, and jewelry designer on nights and weekends.


Katie has a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University, and a master's degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Katie earned her GIA Graduate Gemologist diploma by completing the Colored Stones and Diamonds programs at The Gemological Institute of America.  She also has an Accredited Jewelry Professional certification and a Graduate Pearls diploma from the GIA, too!


Katie uses her gemological expertise and CAD skills to design amazing, gorgeous, custom, one of a kind jewelry for you!

The Jewelry Engineer